Bastian Bux teams up with Lee Van Dowski for the expertly crafted ‘Nine Lives’ EP

Lee Van Dowski, the renowned Geneva-based DJ/Producer is continually moving forward, playing with new situations, challenging perceptions. A mischievous dark prince who is always matching his rave roots against an ever evolving, forward-thinking approach to electronic music creation, and perhaps most importantly – a master collaborator. Here, he teams up with Bastian Bux, the rapidly rising and somewhat mysterious DJ/Producer and masterful creator of deep, dark and emotional Techno with a surgeon’s precision for John Digweed’s esteemed Bedrock imprint.

The duos creative juices are immediately flowing freely as they program fizzing, white hot sparks of techno groove goodness, unfurling layers of ever-building anticipation to reveal the truly huge beast that is ‘Nine Lives’. The teasing intro-ed ‘Ban This’ explodes and ups the energy levels even higher, creating an audaciously intense experience. In perfect contrast, the thumping heartbeat of ‘Miss One’ is an intoxicating, evocative, low-slung melodic beauty to round off the EP in style.