Hardwell to launch his own fragrance, ‘Eclipse’, at ADE

His life is the beat, the energy, the party. He is not just a DJ, he symbolizes the lifestyle of a whole generation.
The exceptional Electro- and Progressive House-DJ Hardwell, two times voted number one of the DJMag charts, presents a unique perfume that transforms his very personal world into an energetic scent: ECLIPSE.

By creating this scent, the native Dutchman enters a completely new stage, on which, he performs as a face of a fragrance as brilliantly as he DJ’s. The power and pulsation of his music come to life in his fragrance and will not only inspire his fans.

With his first fragrance, Hardwell wants to give a present to a whole generation.
He would like to let them participate in his very own view of things. And he wants them to enjoy their lives, crazy, enthusiastic and full of dreams.

Welcome to the world of Hardwell ECLIPSE.