Forget the age of musical copycats and recycled Scandi-pop, 2017 is the year of KEV. A coalition of talents forged from various locations in Sweden, the fresh faced four-piece has utilised its inaugural year to push a unique blend of instrumental finesse, using their debut EP ‘Chapter X’ to throw their dreamy, alternative expressionism into the limelight.
Formed in the fall of 2015 and hailing from backgrounds as diverse as Swedish pop and commercial dance music, the quintet formed together under the mutual vision of making original and unexpected sounds for lovers of music across the board. As the industry showed more and more signs of being dictated by red tape and genre defining hallmarks, KEV is ready to stand for something without boundaries, placing original experience at the forefront of the project from the outset.
Formalising their journey with a collaborative venture between Capitol Music Sweden and BMD W Friends, their debut EP ‘Chapter X’ could not have kick-started this journey on better form. Released in the Summer of 2016, the four-tracker pushed the dreamy lyrical properties of frontman Kevin’s childhood influences, offering pop inspired by genuine and ethereal moods, elements and feelings. Often as unpredictable and extreme in temperament as the weather in their native Sweden, there’s an undertone of both emotive music and youth in revolt where the sound of KEV is concerned. A celebration of self-sufficient creative nature, it’s tracks stood both experimentally charged and sharp in production as well as composition, with lead single ‘Moments’ streaming more than ½ a million times in the process.
At the centre of this movement stands Kevin, an actor who found liberation through music and helping others, adapting a taste for songmanship that now stands at the forefront of KEV. As a volunteer to newcomers, a movement helping refugees from war torn areas, Kevin’s ability to help others and listen to their own stories directly translated into a versatile approach to his writing. Fuelled by dreams, friendship, love, honesty and hope, the 23-year-old frontman’s lust to tell real stories of human emotion continues to lead the act’s cutting edge musical agenda.
As the act sails towards a debut album, new spotlight singles, exciting live expansion and further honing of social issues close to the group’s hearts, KEV continues to point towards an exciting and poignant new creative export from the North of Europe. Solidified by a shared vision and a sound already turning heads on a global scale, 2017 offers ample room for KEV to reclaim the concept of genuine musical collaboration and the importance of sincere expression within it.