How does music make you feel? With this question as a starting point, the idea of Eduardo Berenguer’s new project comes to life. An attempt to synthesize the synergic feeling between artist and crowd. The butterflies in your stomach that make you jump up and down with your eyes closed when your favorite song plays. The feeling that the beat is, literally, coming from your chest. That unique moment of plain happiness that only music can provide. That’s Malifoo.

After four years as one of the members of Lenx & Denx, Eduardo has gone through various important concerts, participations at festivals such as Tomorrowland Brasil performances in super clubs like Green Valley and Anzu Club, along with over 6 million plays on Spotify with the track “Puzzles”. With all this experience he decided to take a step forward with his music and created Malifoo. A solo project that unifies all that he has learned and all of the space he has to grow.

By the end of 2016, when the Malifoo project became concrete, Eduardo started composing at his studio in Brazil. On January 2017 he traveled to Amsterdam to finish some tracks and by February added the last instruments and vocals at Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. The debut single “Talkbox” was released on October 22nd 2017 via Armada Deep, while the follow-up “You” comes out on January 12th via The Bearded Man. 2018 is looking bright!