Valentina Ottoboni, aka Sejo, is an Italian singer, dancer and actress poised to blaze onto the contemporary pop scene. Sejo – inspired by Sjø the Norwegian word for sea – has shown remarkable artistic talents since she was a child and at still only 23 with a myriad of songwriting and studio talents in her arsenal, is ready to take 2017 by the horns.

An artist that has studied dance since the age of 5 across classical, jazz, hip-hop and fusion, Sejo has since delved head-first into her artistic career, embarking on an intense training period of singing lessons and acting classes before in 2015, her talents were snapped up by Italian Imprint Ego to work on readying her inaugural single ‘Too Young’.

Citing her main influences as a cocktail of dark pop, r&b, electro and soul, ‘Too Young’ interweaves beats from a tropical paradise alongside radio-hit-ready toplines that ascend into the abyss, before the anthemic and infectious rip-tides of its feel-good chorus and pop sensibilities propel to the fore. Encapsulating her presence as a determined dreamer, Sejo’s passion glows deep-rooted and unique as she enlists inspiration in even the simplest of artistic expressions, as the infectious and distinguished ‘Too Young’ offers up a self-assured glimpse of Sejo’s bright future to the world.