Recognise the name Hitimpulse? Well if you don’t already, you soon will. The success of their bootleg of Ed Sheeran’s cover of ‘I’m In Love With The Coco’, which became an instant blog hit leading to a current 120 million combined plays across all major streaming platforms and released on B1 Recordings | ULTRA Music, saw the four-piece group of composers, producers and songwriters put their unique take on a once-boisterous anthem. Now the collective, who have produced and co-written unavoidable tracks for the likes of Kygo, Ellie Goulding, Alma and Steve Aoki, are back and fired-up with their latest original release ‘Cover Girls’.

Adding Rihanna songwriter Bibi Bourelly to their long list of enviable collaborators, Hitimpulse have concocted a recipe of rippling future bass amalgamated with hip hop influences all understated with electronica bubbling underneath, Bibi’s vocals snarl with attitude before a vulnerability asking “boys only love cover girls, don’t they?”, showcases a softer side.

As part of this new release the Berlin-based quartet of Hitimpulse have also chosen to work with renowned street artist Jimmy C on their bright, drip-and-drop artwork throughout, bringing an extra layer of creativity to their studio output and further helping to ensure this four-piece wonder team have the chess pieces in place to make ‘Cover Girls’ their checkmate.